Friday, April 11, 2008

Nothing to Do

With no game last night, and for some reason half my cable channels weren't working, I caught up on reading all the Sports Illustrated magazines I have laying around.

In last week's issue, Joe Nathan was featured in the "Pop Culture Grid". They list four players from various sports and ask them random questions that have pretty short answers. They put the answers in a grid format. Here's what our guy said:

Q: Gossip story that still facinates you.
A: Talk to my wife.

Q: Favorite thing to chew.
A: Steak.

Q: Favorite thing to microwave.
A: Grandma's leftovers.

Q: Car you're dying to test-drive.
A: Livan Hernandez's Lamborghini.

Q: Worst signing act ever.
A: The Twins in our recent commercial shoot.

I am soooo looking forward to that new commercial.

Dear Livan:

Honey, k-bro wants a ride in your fancy car. Paleeeze.



1 comment:

Twins Sisters said...

I love Joe Nathan! Keeping him around for 4 more years (at least!) was the smartest thing Twins management could have done!