Friday, April 4, 2008

Now That's Better

It was good game. Of course, every win is a good game. A rundown of my thoughts by inning:

1st The picture-in-picture view shall from now on be known as "Go-Go Cam".
2nd The new manager for the Royals looks like Billy Bob Thornton.
2nd I wonder if Go-Go has a rug burn on his bum from sliding around centerfield.
2nd That Telly guy is new, isn't he? I mean new to broadcasting. Of any kind.
3rd Sure, Justin gets his hit and RBI, and Cuddy gets hurt. Please be ok Cuddyhoney.
4th Oh Adam, what a squeeze.

[Then I sat with my son, mini-bro, and spent time looking at his baseball cards. We had some laughs looking some of the cards from the '80s and early '90s -- he found Storm Davis as a Royal, which was a hoot. We were still watching the Twins game, but not intently. But then again, nothing terribly exciting happened anyways.]

9th "Joe, no interesting!" (I always say that when he takes the mound). "Good. Good. Crap. Ok, no MORE interesting. C'mon Joe. Joe, please. YES!"

Finally, the "Let Me Make Sure I Have All My Teeth" moments of the game:
Either in the seventh or eighth, the home plate umpire suffered a direct-hit foul ball off the mask. Hard. Then in the ninth, same thing happened to Joe Mauer. That's gotta hurt!

P.S. to Cuddyhoney: I can't say this enough -- please, please, please be ok!

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Twins Sisters said...

I'm so glad that they are back to their winning ways, at least for the time being!