Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week 1 -- Check

Well, at least the Twins won the series this time, which is better than the Tigers can say (har har). Boof did a nice job, but the bats were just a little too quiet - except for Justin's - to give him a chance. Did it seem like the Twins struck out looking a lot today? I thought so, but maybe I overreacted.

Clearly Justin finally got pissed off about everyone asking him about his slump, because he's sure hitting the snot out of the ball lately. Just a reminder: hitting the snot out of the ball is a good thing, so keep it up.

Now that the first week has passed, I have a couple opinions:

  • Carlos Gomez is a lot more fun to watch than I thought he would be. I sure hope it lasts. I was bummed to hear that he doesn't qualify as a rookie.

  • I'm really bummed about Cuddy's hand. The descriptions of the injury sound really icky. I hope he heals quickly.

  • I'm impressed with Delmon's arm. I *heart* outfield assists. He needs a nickname. Hmmm - I'll have to put some thought into it.

  • For some reason, Matt Tolbert reminds me of David Eckstein, only bigger.

And of course, Happy Birthday to Bert! I think he likes his birthday almost as much as I like mine. But I never get to go to a baseball game on my birthday. *pout*

And finally, the "I'm the Umpire and I Don't Like Dodge" moment of the game: With one out in the bottom of the ninth, the third-base umpire requested that the advertising banner behind home plate be changed. Reportedly, he didn't like it because it was white (it was a Dodge ad). Umm, I don't think there are that many different ads rolling through that banner, so it was probably there off-and-on for the whole game. Whatever.

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