Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hair Twisting Game

Twins 6 - (Don't Call Them Devil) Rays 5

Whew. Like many gals, I twist my hair when I'm nervous. Being a Twins fan has caused a permanent twist in my hair. And not a fashionable French twist, but more of a McDonald's Fry Kid look. This game was one of those games where I would twist it when the Rays scored, undo it when we went ahead, twist it when they tied it up, undo when we went ahead, then twist it until it almost came out of my head when Joe Nathan was on the mound. Who needs a perm when there's Twins baseball?

Joey Mauer was sure fun to watch. Going 3 for 4 and throwing out 2 would-be basestealers is hot.

I was very conflicted when Barty committed that throwing error that allowed two Twins runs. I always liked him, and I want him to do well with his new team. But, Twins runs are more important to me, so I was happy.

Speaking of Barty, there's one thing I always wanted to know about him. What does the tattoo on his forearm say? I remember trying to figure it out last year, but I never got it. And I saw it again last night.
Debate of the day: When Carl Crawford made that diving catch in foul territory to allow Delmon Young to score, was it really a mistake? At the time, I agreed with Dick-n-Bert and thought that he should have allowed it to drop and given his pitcher another chance to get the batter out. However, hubby thought he made the right play because you should always try to get the out. Afterall, how would have been if the batter would have got a base hit on the next pitch? I guess he makes a good point. All I know is that it worked out in favor of the Twins, and that's all I really care about.

And finally, the "I Think My Brains Hurt" moment of the game
: At one point, a Twins batter (I forget who) fouled a ball that smacked Scott Ullger in the right butt cheek. Ouch. Too bad their new helmets don't cover up that part.


Anonymous said...


I have heard the tattoo is a bible verse...

The verse basically says something to the effect of "put your life in God's hands and he will take care of you"


k-bro said...


Thanks! That's pretty cool.


Kayla said...

the exact tattoo is psalm 37.5. :) jason is so amazing haha.

k-bro said...

Thanks Kayla!