Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two Left Feet

Twins 1 -- LAA 9

That pretty much bit. We all know it bit. The Twins all know it bit. Everyone knows why it bit. Let's move on.

Except Delmon Young. Delmon honey, you're doing just fine; keep it up.

A couple of (very dim) bright spots:

  • It was good to see Jesse Crain again

  • It was good to see Brendan Harris make a nice defensive play (too bad he errored later)

  • It was good to see Adam Everett get an RBI (too bad it was the only one)

Finally: The "Gotta Love Bert" moment of the game:

"We're not here to kiss each other."

1 comment:

Jen - Lipgloss & Baseball said...

I was waiting with baited breath to hear Bert shout "Boooooof." It only took two innings! The boys ARE back!