Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grand Slam for Nothing

Twins 5 - Rangers 6 (10)

I know everyone else in Twins Territory asked it, probably out loud, but I'm going to ask it too: Why, oh why did Gardy put Rincon in for the 10th when Joe Nathan was warm? Why?

A lot of stupid things happened in the game, like giving back a 5-run lead and throwing to the wrong base, but the stupidest had to be in the bottom of the 8th when the ball went right through Mike Lamb's legs. Actually, the best part was his reaction - he must have felt like an 8 year old kid again. Fortunately, no harm was done because of it, so it's pretty funny.

Glad to see Cuddy back.

Are the Rangers seriously considering starting Sidney Ponson? According to the Twins website, they are. In fact, the picture of Sir Sid shows him still wearing a Twins hat.

And finally, the "Are the Guys in the Truck Watching the Same Game?" moment of the game
: In the 1st, when Joey was up to bat with Go-Go on second, all of a sudden the scroll thing under the score banner that announces homeruns said "2-run Homerun - Mauer (1)". However, he was still at the plate at the time. In fact, he wound up walking.

Sorry about the crappy picture. I don't have HD TV, and I'm just using a digital camera because I don't have the equipment and/or knowhow to get pictures off my DVR. And yes, I'm dorky enough to record every game.


Twins Sisters said...

I was NOT happy when Gardy put Rincon in to pitch in the 10th. My thought is that they probably wanted Joe ready for the bottom of the 11th if need be. I love baseball but it drains me.


Kayla said...

The FSN north team's always on crack. One time, during the "Firestone In-Game Box Score", it scrolled across and it said "Brewers In-Game Box Score" and proceeded to give me stats on Prince Fielder and J.J. Hardy. I don't really care, but you know, that's cool. (J.J.'s an absolute doll though.. he is gorgeous.)

Jen - Lipgloss & Baseball said...

I am not allowed to have TiVo or DVR for that very reason.