Monday, April 21, 2008

Cool Name Roster -- NL

It's another off day, so it's time for the National League version of my Cool Name Roster.

American League version is here.

A review of how it works:

  • This roster is based solely on the coolness of the player's name. Actual baseball ability, attractiveness, personality, or personal-hygiene have nothing to do with it.

  • The player was listed on his team's active roster at the listed position (on as of whenever it was I looked it up (last night). The player doesn't have to be a starter for that position.

  • Fun to say trumps fun to spell. Extra consideration if it's fun to say while you're pretending to be a ballpark PA announcer.

  • If a certain position's choice seems to be lame, it's because that's as good as it gets (it was kind of hard to find a cool name for a couple of positions).

  • This is my list. However, I am willing to take suggestions for "bench names".

C - Yorvit Torrealba (COL)
1B - Prince Fielder (MIL)
2B - Chase Utley (PHI)
3B - Augie Ojeda (ARI)
SS - Troy Tulowitzki (COL)
LF - Wily Mo Pena (WAS)
CF - Lastings Milledge (WAS)
RF - Hunter Pence (HOU)
SP - Tim Lincecum (SF)
RP - Wilfredo Ledezma (SD)
CL - Brad Lidge (PHI)


The National League was way harder than the American League.

I am totally bummed that Jarrod Saltalamacchia is lingering in the minor leagues. His name is both fun to say and fun to spell.

According to's interactive player/team search feature, the Washington Nationals don't have a catcher. That must be really hard on the umpires.


Katie said...

I'd like to nominate Yovani Gallardo for a bench spot pitching. His name is super fun to say

I love Saltalamacchia. I just want to be his friend so I can call him Salty. Like, "Hey Salty. What's up? Want to catch a movie

Great list. I love fun names too.

k-bro said...


Yeah that's a good one too

I suppose you could just start calling one of your existing friends "Salty", but it's not quite the same, and your friend might be really confused