Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Twins 9 - Detroit 11 ugly, ugly, ugly, UGLY

What the hell does Nick Blackburn have to do to get a win? He pitched out his mind for the first 5 innings, struggled a bit in the 6th, but still left with the lead. Is the bullpen mad at him? Perhaps the Twins shouldn't have Guerrier and Neshek relieve him anymore. It's becoming an unfavorable trend.

Speaking of Neshek, mini-bro noticed that his delivery is different than it used to be. He's right. Before, when Pat released the ball, his arm would fly up over his head. I remember this because BatGirl once described it as "he ends in the ‘Neshek Salute!' raising his hand to the ball to thank it for all it has done for him and wish it well on its travels". Now, his arm flies more to the side, as if he's slapping it in the face.

Dear Pat,

Perhaps the ball doesn't like you slapping it around so much. Please fix that. I fear that if you keep it up, they'll put you on an episode of "Cops". Or, more likely, they'll put me on an episode of "Cops".

Law-abidingly (for now),

Denard Span sure wanted to make a good impression. He showed good patience at the plate, going 2 for 4 with a walk, and making two (almost three) great plays in the field. And the missed catch that went for a homerun was forgivable - it was a great effort, and would have been an unbelievable play if he had made it. I liked how his teammates, especially Matt Guerrier, encouraged him between innings. Too bad the Twins wound up needing that run.

Does anyone else think that Jeremy Bonderman looks like an earthworm?

And finally, the "Make Sure You Run That Way" moment of the game:

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Twins Sisters said...

Bonderman does kind of look like an earthworm. Funny! I never noticed it before. The bullpen MUST be made at Nick Blackburn. I turned the game off when Matty G. started giving up all those hits. I just hope that we don't get swept! I don't the Twins to the first team the Tigers sweep this season.