Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boof, There It Is

Twins 3 - Sox of the White Variety 1

Wow! Boof pitched great last night. He struck out a ton (8) of batters, and the defense behind him was strong. He even made a couple nice plays himself. Nice work, honey.

Is Nick Swisher trying to look as ugly as possible? I mean he was pretty nasty the last time we played the Sox, but now he's even worse. In addition to the ugly white-dyed goatee, there's now this weird black chinstrap thing. Yuk. I'm glad I don't have to look at that all the time.

I'm glad Nathanator got the giving up homeruns thing out of his system when it didn't matter instead of saving it for today.

I kind of liked having Ron Coomer in the booth with Dick. It was interesting hearing more of a batter's point of view. But I am glad Bert will be back next time.

Didn't Kubel's homer just sound pretty when he hit it?

My favorite play was that double-play that Delmon got when he caught Thome's fly ball up against the wall, and threw to Harris who threw out Swisher returning to first. Absolute poetry there.

And finally, the "All Together Now" moment of the game
: When Ron was reading the disclaimer ("This copyrighted telecast is presented on the authority of the Minnesota Twins...") and he started stumbling, I just recited it from memory, and finished it way before he did. At first, I was feeling all superior, being able to just say it while he has a hard time reading it. But then it hit me: who's the real dork here?


Twins Sisters said...

That was probably the most beautiful double play I've ever seen.


linda said...

Agree with everything you said. That was a pretty pretty home run and have not seen a double play like that before. Has to watch a couple times to see how it happened. And Ron did a good job (except for that reading......which was funny) but will be glad when Bert is back too.