Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baker's Dozen

Twins 12 - Chicago 5

Scotty looked really good last night, even though he started to make a habit of giving up lead off homeruns. It doesn’t matter as much when you’re the pitcher of record when your team scores 12 runs. Very nice to see life in the bats.
The boys looked so adorable in their stocking caps. I need to get me one of those.

And who knows? Maybe if I buy myself a stocking cap, Mother Nature will spite me and change the weather so I can’t wear it. We can only hope.
I totally called Jason Kubel’s grand slam. Bert was calling for a gapper, “that’s what the Twins want him to do; hit a gapper.” And I said, “Kubes, you can do better than that.” Yup. My good.
A.J. Pierzynski is the only catcher I know who has a hard time catching intentional walks. We’ve all seen a ton of intentional walks over the years, but A.J. is the only one who has to jump/dive/leap/run around in order to catch them. Is it him or his pitchers?
Who replaced the Twins with the Stooges in the 6th? Don’t do that again.
My Web-Gem regardless of what ESPN says: Go-Go’s crazy-ass diving catch in the 1st. Very hot.
And finally, the “Someone Please Hit a Foul Ball Right into That Guy’s Mouth” moment of the game: In the 9th, there was this jackass in the stands heckling the Twins. You could really hear him because the most of the rest of the crowd was gone by then. It was most noticeable right after Lammers got hurt. This guy’s most brilliant taunt (with Everett up to bat and Go-Go in the on-deck circle): “Gomez, we don’t want to see you doing a jig.” What does that even mean?


Twins Sisters said...

Our baseball thoughts & intuition are so in tune it's almost scary. Becca and I both thought the guys looked cute in their hats. She went to bed before the grand slam, but I knew Dick-n-Bert were wrong. I thought to myself, "Oh please, this ball is going over the fence," and I was right.

It's supposed to be 60 degrees by early next week. Lets hope so! I have a Twins stocking hat and I am sick of wearing it.

Katie said...

The Chicago announcers talked about the problems with the intentional balls. Apparently pitchers have the problem more frequently than anyone would think...they get in their heads that they're going to soft lob it to the catcher, but that's when it can get a little out of control. I guess they're supposed to put at least a I little heat on it anyway, just to make sure it finds the glove right. I learn something new every day.

k-bro said...


I suppose it probably is a common thing. I just seem to notice it more when AJ's catching. Maybe I just enjoy seeing AJ struggle.

Jen - Lipgloss & Baseball said...

I heard that guy too!!! Hey, if you ever hear an obnoxious heckler at a home game I can point him out to you. He sits in Section 225, Row 5, Seat 19. (I sat by him the last game.)