Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend with Cleveland

Friday: Twins 0 - Cleveland 4
Saturday: Twins 3 - Cleveland 0
Sunday: Twins 2 - Cleveland 1

My thoughts on Friday's game: Pew. I don't even want to remember it.

My thoughts on Saturday's game: Well, I didn't see it. It sounded like it was a lot of fun. It actually sounded like my kind of game - great pitching and great defense. Turning four double plays is hot. I was busy enjoying a high school production of "Beauty and the Beast".

My thoughts on today's game: Groovy. In fact, I'm so happy, I'm breaking out my bullet-points.

  • Scotty pitched very nicely. I think he's going to be the strikeout leader of the team.

  • Hey! A Twin not named Justin Morneau or Jason Kubel finally hit a homerun! Congrats on your first Twins homer Brendan Harris. An opposite field one, too.

  • Go-Go's catch was muy caliente.

  • They showed the new commercial with the pitchers singing. It was flippin' hilarious. Those commercials get better every time. It's funny that Joe Nathan, who said that the pitchers were the worst singing act ever, happened to be the very worst of them all. All the guys looked like they had a great time; Boof was especially goofy (ha ha, get it, Goofy Boof). I just checked the Twins website to see if was there, but it wasn't yet. I imagine it'll be there in the next day or two.

  • They have "All you can eat night"?!? Sweet! I could bring my sons and make those dome vendors rue that idea. Trust me, my boys can really put it away when dared to. I'll have to check our schedule.

  • Do you think that Justin Morneau walked up to the plate in the bottom of the 10th signing "Here I come to save the day" ala Dudley Do-right like they say in the radio commercial? Nice work, Justin.

And finally, the "Gotta Love Dick-n-Bert" moment of the game (double):
1) In the bottom of the 10th, with Jason Kubel at the plate:
Dick: [something like] "They don't want to walk Kubel here."
Bert: "Sure they do. Then they know where he's at."
2) Again in the bottom of the 10th, with Justin Morneau at the plate, Dick was going on and on, carrying on both sides of a conversation over whether Jason Kubel should take second "his run doesn't matter, but it might take the bat out of Morneau's hand, but if they get to two strikes, they might have to think about it...." Turned out it didn't matter.


Twins Sisters said...

I love that picture of Dudley Do-Right. That radio commercial where the announcer compares him to Justin is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

The new commercial is up now - check the video corner in the upper right...
Neshek actually has a pretty decent voice...