Friday, April 11, 2008

Good Evening for MN Sports

Livan had another good game. And so did Tolbert, Span, Go-Go, and Justin. At least that's according to the box scores. The game wasn't on tv. But I didn't mind, because the Wild were on. Playoff hockey is pretty fun, especially when the Wild win. It was a pretty cool game, but a little too roller-coaster for me. I'd like it better if the Wild got the lead early and kept it. I like when the Twins do that too, which they did.

Since there wasn't a game to watch, I don't have a "moment of the game". However, I do have a substitute...

And finally, the "You'd Think the Twins Would Keep Closer Track of Their Players" moment of the day: Earlier today, I visited the Twins website, and off to the side, they had a video clip of Kubel's grand slam on Wednesday. Too bad he hit it against the Red Sox while the rest of the Twins were playing the White Sox.

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