Friday, May 2, 2008


Twins 11 - Tigers 1

Ok, I have to admit that during the pre-game, I was really worried about this game. They were talking about how the Tigers have been playing well lately (notice that I didn't say "as of late" - that's another topic all together*), ever since the last time they played the Twins. And Livan was pitching, and we all know what happened last time he did that. To top it off, they were wearing the ridiculous pixie vests. In my mind, all this added up to a feeling of dread. Luckily, my instincts were way off. And if it turns out that the pixie vests were the good luck charms, well I guess I'm willing to give them another chance. It'll be interesting to see if Livan is superstitious.

My Dearest Go-Go,
Please be ok.
Love, k-bro

Speaking of Go-Go's injury, I was really impressed that Pudge marched out there to make sure he was ok. It even looked like the umpire tried to stop him, but he would have none of that.

My favorite thing about the game: Livan's 61 mph curveball falling in for a strike.

Sad news about Gardy's brother. It reminds me that I need to remember what's important in my life. Extra hugs and kisses for my family this weekend.

And finally, the "Ain't No Way You Can Get Me To Say That Word On Air Again" moment of the game
: Dick-N-Bert were talking about Miguel Cabrera's reaction to the aforementioned 61 mph curveball. Apparently he didn't like it and told Livan so. Dick said something about not knowing how to read lips and not knowing Spanish, but pretty sure he still knew what he said. And then Bert said, "I'm not gonna say it, you say it." Heh heh.

*Why do sportscasters feel the need to say "as of late" when they mean "lately"? No one else says "as of late" ("Hey Jim, what've you been up to as of late?" "Well Bob, not much, but as of late Joyce has been nagging me to take her on a cruise."). What's wrong with "lately"? It's a perfectly nice word, and not as snooty.


Twins Sisters said...

Gomez's injury was very scary. I'm so glad the the Twins were able to win for Go-Go and for Gardy. This really is a time to give extra hugs to people we care about.


linda said...

Pudge looked so upset and did not hesitate to get right in there. Puts him up a notch in my baseball book. I agree heartily (again) with everything you said here.

Twins Sisters said...

Yes, I think Pudge felt like dirt after that throw, even though he didn't do anything wrong. I'm glad he went to check on Go Go.