Tuesday, May 20, 2008

As Relaxing as a Bubble Bath

Twins 11 - Texas 4

Aaaaaaah. Wasn't that nice? Finally, a game that I could just have on TV and not worry about it. Every time I looked up, I saw another Twin getting another hit. Very nice. Perhaps yesterday's exciting escapade woke them up a little.

A big "atta boy" to Glen Perkins for his first major league win. Nice work. And a big shout out goes to Brian Bass for finishing the game and letting all the other pitchers rest.

I'm super bummed to read that Matt "Tigger" Tolbert needs surgery on his thumb. I was really rooting for him to do well here. It sounds like the ligament separated from the bone. OUCH! ICK! Here's hoping he recovers quickly.

Ligament reattached

I was happy to see that the official picture of Sidney Ponson, who's starting for the Rangers tomorrow, has been updated to this year's version.

Time for bed; last night's game really took it out of me.

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