Friday, May 30, 2008

Approaching Normal

Twins 5 - Royals 1
Twins sweep series in 3

Well, that was much better. No crazy come-from-behind drama. No extra innings. No errors or even bone-headed defensive plays. And thank goodness too, because I watched the entire game whilst in the throes of a nasty migraine. Ugh. I don't think I could've handled yelling or cheering at the TV for any reason; I'm glad I didn't have to.
Kevin Slowey. Wow. That was fantastic. That was fun to watch. Throwing first-pitch strikes and having a ton of confidence on the mound is very sexy.
Did anyone else notice that Joey and Cuddy are growing beards? Is Justin too? It's hard to tell (especially since I couldn't see very well, what with the headache and all). And it looks like they're real beards (as opposed to just "going scruffy") because they're neatly trimmed along the jaw line. It's kind of funny to see baby-face Joey growing a beard. Edit: I guess it's true; they are growing beards (not Justin). According to JoeC's blog, they're growing "homer-less beards". Cute. Just don't get too used to them, guys - everyone would rather see the homers.
Everyone, including me, seems to relish saying "the Last Place Yankees". I'd just like to add a caution statement.
CAUTION: Take the Yankees seriously. They are evil. They crush opponents' souls when given an opportunity. They are looking for a chance to turn their season around. Make sure to play excellent baseball. Avoid giving them opportunities to win.
Another Edit (well more like adding something I meant to write but forgot because I was writing something else when I first thought of it and didn't think of it again until well after I published this): Now that the Twins have left KC, I'm rooting for the Royals to start winning. First of all, they're facing the Whine Sox next, and anyone who beats them is OK with me. But more importantly, I like their fans (they were so friendly and polite when I visited) and they deserve better then what their team is giving them right now. My family is making plans to go there in August when the Twins are there again, and I think it would be fun if the games were somehow "meaningful".


Twins Sisters said...

Yes, anyone who beats the Whine Sox is ok with me too. I guess it's not a fluke that we met such nice people in KC, since you did too.
Sorry to hear about your nasty migraine.

k-bro said...

Too bad, however, that I totally got the Royal's next opponent wrong! It's really hard to beat Chicago when you're playing Cleveland. Doh! Unfortunately, they weren't able to beat them either.