Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy Is as Crazy Does

Twins 7 - Texas 6 (12)

Well, wasn't that the most hair-twisting, nail-biting, ulcer-inducing game so far this year? Blowing leads, leaving men on base, losing our DH and making the pitchers hit. A little something for everyone. And a little something for everyone to scream at the TV for.
Who needs everyday players? Let's just have the back-ups, fill-ins, and recent call-ups go ahead and win this one.
Big love to Alexi Casilla for his first major league homer, to Howie Clark for the game winning RBI, and to Joey for keeping us in the game with some timely hitting. But mostly to Bobby Korecky for having the intestinal fortitude to wiggle out of the 11th with the bases loaded and only one out, for getting his first major league hit, and for pitching the 12th like he's been here before. Bobby honey, you get the gold star.

And mad props to Jon Lester of the Red Sox for tossing a no-hitter, because that's just a really, really cool thing to do.


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Twins Sisters said...

What a crazy game indeed! Who the heck needs the regular players anyway, as long as someone gets the job done? As weird as that game was, I think Alexi's 3 run blast was the weirdest part. Who would've predicted that?

Would you please tell me how you fixed your tag cloud? I'm on the verge of deleting mine because it looks so bizarre and it's getting on my nerves looking at it.

Thank you!