Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Night for Twins Fan Kids of All Sizes

Twins 9 - Royals 8 (10) [seriously? cool!]

Well that was unexpected. And cool. And ... wow! Nice work, Mr. Monroe and Mr. Morneau.
I have to admit that I didn't see very much of the game. I got home when the score was 6 - 2. I hung around until the score was 8 - 3, then sighed and thought "oh well, can't win ‘em all", and turned to a rerun of CSI: NY to kill time until the news came on. (I know, I know, I need to work on my loyalty and optimism skills, but I was tired.) Anyhoo, I flipped back during a commercial break, and the score was tied. (What??? How did that happen?) Fortunately, I'm dorky enough to record every game with my DVR (I **heart** my DVR), so I simply rewound it and saw everything.
Just wondering: is "rewound" the correct verb to use while talking about a DVR? There's no tape, so no actual "winding" is occurring. Hmm.
Monroe's homerun reminded me of something my kids would pretend in the back yard: It's the ninth inning, two on, two out, full count. And here's the pitch - it is high, it is deep, it is GONE!However, they're usually pretending to win the World Series with an at-bat like that.
The best part of Monroe's homerun: Dick's reaction. He was so happy and excited and thrilled and gleeful; it was like he was a big kid. It was so fun to listen to him.
And finally, the "Does He Get a Royalty Check for That?" moment of the day: Proof positive that when first-basemen and base runners talk, they don't really say anything: Yesterday, my son was playing first, and I noticed he talked to everyone who reached. Later, I asked him what he was saying, and he said that he was singing the jingle. Why? Just to bug them.

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Twins Sisters said...

I guess you could say "reviewed" for your DVR, but that's really just being too semantically precise, I think. Everyone knows what you mean when you say rewind. DVRs are one of the best inventions ever.