Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Amusing the Baseball Gods

Twins 1 - Texas 10

Yup. This is what happens when we tempt the baseball gods, for they do love a laugh, especially at the expense of over-confident fans.

Among my "daily reading", I check out Howard Sinker's blog. Read that last line there.

Nick Blackburn, you're 5-2 after tonight, pal.

Then read the first commenter's response.

Please, Howard... you're going to upset those fickle baseball gods with stuff like this. Have you learned nothing from JoeC this year? If Ponson shuts down the Twins tonight, it's all on you, pal!

Mmmm hmmm. My. Reaction. Exactly. But I don't want to put the blame solely on Howard. Just about every blog, article, and report I read about Sidney Ponson and tonight's game predicted Sir Sid would flounder. I even saw a scroll on ESPN that proclaimed that our old buddy had a 9.00 ERA in his last two starts (or something like that). So pretty much everyone expected the Twins to breeze through this one.

Oh well, let's all shake it off. Hmm, shake... I know... Since the defense pretty much played like Little Leaguers (again - except for a couple of nice plays), the guys should go out to Dairy Queen in full uniform just like Little Leaguers and have some shakes and cones. That'll cheer them up in time for tomorrow's game.

Just make sure you don't get a brain freeze like that kid that Dick-n-Bert picked as the fan of the game. The game was painful enough.

And finally, the "He May Not Be Ready For Prime Time, But He's Makin' ‘Em Laugh on Late Night" moment of the day:
Heh. Heh. I'm watching David Letterman as I write this. He used Michael Cuddyer's hat-bill juggle-catch in one of his bits. It's a running gag about an anchorwoman who accidently dropped an f-bomb.

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Twins Sisters said...

Oh man! It's so annoying to lose like that to Ponson. Yuck-o-rama. They would've lost anyhow, but that sixth inning was UGLY! If I were Gardy, I'd make all my infielders practice turning double plays until they could do it in their sleep.

Yup...I was nervous too after I read Howard's column. I thought, do you want them to lose tonight? Here's hoping he doesn't get that cocky any more this season.