Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jay Pecked

Tuesday: Twins 3 - Jays 5
Wednesday: Twins 5 - Jays 6
Thursday: Twins 2 - Jays 3 (11)

So if we get the broom out when we sweep the other guys, what do we get out when the other guys sweep us? The dustbunny? Ick.

Which pretty much sums up this series. In fact, it was pretty frustrating to watch/listen to. It just seemed like nothing would go right. Like a whole bunch of false-starts. And right when everyone was getting all excited about how well things were going. But that's all I have to say about that, because if I say any more, this will just turn into some kind of negative-fest. No one wants that.

I'm looking forward to the Colorado series. First of all, I love National League style play because I like it when pitchers bat. Also, I have a huge crush on Matt Holliday, and I'm excited to see him.


However, Matt honey, could'ya please just not play quite as well as normal? Just for the weekend? Thanks.

And to the Twins, don't get down, enjoy Colorado, and have fun.

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