Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yes! Yes! Oh! Yes!

Twins 7 - Tigers 6

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Yes! Yes! Oh! Yes! (Sorry if I'm being a little too much "I'll have what she's having" here, but that was exciting.)

I'm so giddy right now that I don't know where to start. First, a thousand apologies to Boof for all the awful, rotten things that I screamed at the TV during the first. But I have a big shout out to his intestinal fortitude for settling down, not giving up, and pitching very well the next five innings. And a hat-tip to the batters for also not giving up and scraping together hits and runs (and taking advantage of a little luck) to make this a big, big win. And to think, I almost turn the TV off; I'm really glad I didn't.

SWEEEEEP! Time for a broom. And a good broom too (no measly large paintbrush here). In fact, a special platinum-handled, blinged-out broom because they swept a good hitting team, in a regular three-game series, and had to work really hard to earn it.

The Twins are first in the division. The Twins are first in the division. Not the Tigers. Not the Indians. The Twins are first in the division. Yipee!

k-bro's kwazy logic
: As I'm writing this, I'm watching the Mets / D-backs game. Johan is pitching, and he's doing all right, but not spectacular. At the moment, he has four wild pitches. Four! He's never done that before. He does have a bunch of strikeouts, but the pitches that aren't in the dirt are up in the zone. Now here's the kwazy logic part - could it be his catcher? I really think that Joey or Mike would have saved at least three of those wild pitches. And after the first couple wilds, maybe Johan didn't trust the catcher to handle the changeup anymore. Who knows, but maybe great pitchers can attribute some of their success to their catchers, and maybe the Twins are really fortunate to have two of the best.

And finally, the "Gee, I Hope They Make It To The Game On Time" moment of the day
: I was running errands this morning, and on my way home I happened upon a school bus that was stranded at an intersection and a bunch of kids milling about on the sidewalk. As I got closer, I notice the kids all had Twins shirts on and were carrying signs. Aw man! They're on their way to the Twins game. I hope they got another bus and were able to go. More importantly, I hope they stayed for the whole thing.

Blog Note
: No blogging the rest of this week. I'll be at a conference in Vancouver. If I happen to run into Mr. and Mrs. Morneau, I'll be sure to say "hi".


Jen said...

Man, I was at the game and I was shouting at Boof. It was very painful to watch the entire Tigers line-up go through. However, the rest of the game was fantastic!

Twins Sisters said...

I think Joey and Mike are two of the baseball's better catchers, no doubt. That game today sure started off crummy but what a storybook ending. Have a safe trip!