Sunday, June 1, 2008

Long Weekend with the Yankees

Friday: Twins 5 - Evil Empire 6
Saturday: Twins 6 - E. E. 7 (12)
Sunday: Twins 5 - E. E. 1

First of all, I'm very glad to see that Nick Blackburn is going to be ok. That was scary for a minute there. Fortunately, he'll only have a fat lip, and probably a headache, for a couple days. Which is good, because he's a pretty good-looking guy, and I'd hate to see his face messed up. I guess health-wise, he's very lucky. But, when it comes to actually getting a win in a game, he just can't catch a break. Because of a really stupid rule, he didn't get the win, even though, in my opinion, he totally deserved it. Apparently, a starter has to complete five innings to qualify for a win. If he can't, but his team is leading when he comes out, it's up to the official scorer to determine who gets it. In this case, Bass gets it, even though he didn't even pitch two full innings.
Back to Friday's and Saturday's games, which pretty much seemed like the same game, only Saturday's lasted longer, I'll try to focus on the positives. So I won't mention how our guys left like a million men on base in scoring position, or how leaving a certain reliever in for a second inning in a tie game isn't my idea of a good plan. I'm not upset at Nicky's error, but I do think Boof could've done a much better job getting that third out in Saturday's third inning. However, I was very happy to see Cuddy hit a homer, and I was really impressed with Breslow's, the new guy, pitching. All in all, only mildly disappointing, but still entertaining. Here's hoping for a game more like Sunday's for Monday.
As I write this, I'm watching the Mets - Dodgers game, and every time they talk about the Dodgers' right fielder, Delwyn Young, I keep thinking they say "Delmon Young". And it doesn't even seem odd to me. I wonder what that means.

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