Monday, May 4, 2009

When Baseball and Bad Spelling Collide -- Special Edition (Part II)

Remember the NATINALS uniform misspelling fiasco from a couple of weeks ago? Well, there's more...

The Nationals held an auction for charity and sold Adam Dunn's jersey for $8,000. Very nice.

The Washington Post had a little blurb about it. Ok, good.

And the FOXSports Rumor Page (you know, my favorite place to find funny errors) picked it up and came up with this:

*blink blink* miss spelled jersey? Who the hell is Miss Spelled Jersey, and why are the Nationals auctioning her off?

It's ironic, don't you think, that the headline talking about a misspelled jersey is, in fact, misspelled.

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Jim H. said...

Miss Jersey needed some time off, and a substitute was appointed. When the regular Miss Jersey came back, somebody said she'd been spelled. She was known thereafter as Miss Spelled Jersey. She lost in the swimsoot competition.