Sunday, May 17, 2009

Four-Letter Fun

You know, it's bad enough to have to lose to the stinking, rotten, evil Yankees, but do they have to toy with us and make us believe that we've actually got a chance of winning? I guess the silver lining is that at least the Twins are keeping the games close -- at least the Yankees haven't blown away the Twins yet. Like I've said before, it's too bad moral victories don't count.

So, my dear Twins, let's stop playing the see-how-many-men-we-can-leave-stranded-on-base game and blow the Yankees away and get out of New York with one victory, shall we?

*sigh* This whole thing just makes me want to spew a string of four-letter words. I won't, because, well, I don't think it'll really help, and you probably know them all anyway.

But, speaking of four-letter words, let's have a little fun. My Twitter friend Mookie5 compiled a list of the active MLB players who have four-letter last names and sent it to me. I loved this; I get a kick out of fun or unusual names. I was really surprised to see how many there are.

Loux, Shane (Angels)
Blum, Geoff (Astros)
Buck, Travis (Athletics)
Cust, Jack (Athletics)
Camp, Shawn (Blue Jays)
Hill, Aaron (Blue Jays)
Rios, Alex (Blue Jays)
Ryan, B.J. (Blue Jays)
Diaz, Matt (Braves)
Lowe, Derrick (Braves)
Parr, James (Braves)
Ross, David (Braves)
Bush, Dave (Brewers)
Hall, Bill (Brewers)
Hart, Corey (Brewers)
Ryan, Brendan (Cardinals)
Berg, Justin (Cubs)
Fuld, Sam (Cubs)
Hart, Kevin (Cubs)
Hill, Coyie (Cubs)
Soto, Geovany (Cubs)
Drew, Stephen (Diamondbacks)
Pena, Tony (Diamondbacks)
Webb, Brandon (Diamondbacks)
Kemp, Matt (Dodgers)
Paul, Xavier (Dodgers)
Wade, Cory (Dodgers)
Wolf, Randy (Dodgers)
Cain, Matt (Giants)
Holm, Steve (Giants)
Roma, Sergio (Giants)
Sosa, Henry (Giants)
Winn, Randy (Giants)
Zito, Barry (Giants)
Choo, Shin-Soo (Indians)
Sipp, Tony (Indians)
Wood, Kerry (Indians)
Carp, Mike (Mariners)
Kahn, Stephen (Mariners)
Lowe, Mark (Mariners)
Pena, Luis (Mariners)
Vega, Marwin (Mariners)
Ross, Cody (Marlins)
Wood, Tim (Marlins)
Cora, Alex (Mets)
Kunz, Eddie (Mets)
Putz, J.J. (Mets)
Reed, Jeremy (Mets)
Bard, Josh (Nationals)
Dunn, Adam (Nationals)
Mock, Garrett (Nationals)
Baez, Danys (Orioles)
Bass, Brian (Orioles)
Hill, Rich (Orioles)
Huff, Aubrey (Orioles)
Mora, Melvin (Orioles)
Zaun, Gregg (Orioles)
Bell, Heath (Padres)
Geer, Josh (Padres)
Hill, Shawn (Padres)
Eyre, Scott (Phillies)
Hopp, J.A. (Phillies)
Park, Chan Ho (Phillies)
Ruiz, Carlos (Phillies)
Cruz, Luis (Pirates)
Diaz, Robinzon (Pirates)
Duke, Zach (Pirates)
Meek, Evan (Pirates)
Moss, Brandon (Pirates)
Sues, Jeff (Pirates)
Veal, Donald (Pirates)
Byrd, Marlon (Rangers)
Cruz, Nelson (Rangers)
Eyre, Willie (Rangers)
Jaso, John (Rays)
Pena, Carlos (Rays)
Bard, Daniel (Red Sox)
Diaz, Argenis (Red Sox)
Drew, J.D. (Red Sox)
Lugo, Julio (Red Sox)
Bray, Bill (Reds)
Cook, Aaron (Rockies)
Bale, John (Royals)
Buck, John (Royals)
Cruz, Juan (Royals)
Pena, Tony (Royals)
Rosa, Carlos (Royals)
Lyon, Brandon (Tigers)
Ryan, Dusty (Tigers)
Seay, Bobby (Tigers)
Inge, Brandon (Tigers)
Getz, Chris (White Sox)
Link, Jon (White Sox)
Wise, Dewayne (White Sox)
Cano, Robinson (Yankees)
Cash, Kevin (Yankees)
Coke, Phil (Yankees)
Dunn, Michael (Yankees)
Nady, Xavier (Yankees)
Pena, Romiro (Yankees)

Thanks Mookie5!

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S.Rail said...

Your point of "at least they are keeping the games close" makes me feel a little better about this rotten losing streak. Today is going to be hard to win because we "never" beat Andy Pettite. Sigh, then we have Chicago, the "red hot" Brewers, and Boston all in the upcoming 2 weeks. Wonderful.

P.S. No Twins on that 4 letter list of names. How odd ;)