Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dos and Don'ts

At least the Twins were able to scratch one win on the road. Yup, just one. In case there were any doubts, while I am grateful for one win, I really wanted more than that.

Friday: Twins 3 - Rays 5
Saturday: Twins 2 - Rays 5
Sunday: Twins 3 - Rays 2

Once again, thank goodness for Nick Blackburn. He pitched, well, like he's supposed to. However, I suspect that part of the reason it seems like he's so good is because he follows Liriano and Baker in the rotation. Sometimes good impressions are relative.

Oh, and the bullpen did a nice job, for the most part. I like that.


After Saturday's game, Francisco Liriano indicated that he has a hard time knowing what to do at times. That's not good. Well, to prevent any further confusion, I've made a Do and Don't list for him and other pitchers who are struggling.

Trust your catchers
Be sure you're never late
Throw strikes
Keep the ball down
Eat your vegetables
Make sure you're getting up over your front leg
Trust your catchers
Follow through
Have confidence
Get plenty of sleep
Have a game plan
Establish your dominance with the fast ball
Know how to get the batters out
Trust your catchers
Buckle your seat belt
Stay within yourself
Avoid the big inning
Put your dirty laundry in the hamper
Have fun out there
Paint the corners
Throw inside when you have to
Brush your teeth twice daily
And most importantly, trust your catchers

Be a doofus
Listen to Wang Chung

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Jim H. said...

Swarzak must have been grooving to Wang Chung before Wednesday night's Cleveland game. Youch!