Monday, April 20, 2009

When Baseball And Bad Spelling Collide -- Special Edition

Sewing names on jerseys must be a difficult job, I mean with all those letters and all. And we've seen it before when the name on the front of a guy's jersey isn't spelled right -- remember last season when Adam "Adam" Everett had to do a last minute switch because "Minnesota" was spelled wrong on his jersey?

But it's pretty bad when multiple players have a big old spelling error across their chests for everyone to see.

And it happened to the poor Nationals too. Don't they have enough problems?

Hat tips: for the photo for being the first to tell me about it


Tricia said...

It almost looks like the O was poorly placed and covered up by the buttons, but that's not the case, is it?

k-bro said...


I thought that too, but then I looked closely at the pictures on RED PEN, INC. blog (the second link I gave) and saw the O is missing in action.


Thanks for the linkage! :)

BTW, I hear that my very favorite Twin (the incredibly BILFalicious Joe Mauer) will be playing again soon...I AM SO EXCITED! :)

k-bro said...


You're most welcome; your blog is always part of my daily reading. :-)

Yes, Twins fans are very anxious to have our Joey back. The other catchers have done an admirable job filling in for him, but we really do miss him. xxcrossing fingersxx