Thursday, May 28, 2009

Splits and Suitcases

So we split the series with the Sawks. I guess that's not bad, but I'm not entirely happy about it either. I hate splits; they just go against everything baseball is about. But whatever...

Monday: Twins 5 - Red Sox 6
Tuesday: Twins 5 - Red Sox 2
Wednesday: Twins 4 - Red Sox 2
Thursday: Twins 1 - Red Sox 3

Mini-bro went to Thursday's game on a school field trip. He said he had fun, but they left before the home plate ump decided he needed to repeatedly work on his "yer outta heeeere" move. I don't even get it (the field trip leaving part, not the ump part -- well, I don't get the ump part either, but that's another story). If they knew they had to leave before the 7th, why even go at all. But whatever...

It was good to see Blackie pitch well on Tuesday and Swarzak on Thursday. It was good to see Dice-K play, oh what did Bat-Girl used to call it?, chuck and toss on Wednesday. It was good to see homers, and nice defense, blah, blah, blah. But I'm still left feeling kind of like I just had tomato soup made with water for dinner -- it just quite doesn't do it for me.


So, the Twins are on the road now -- off to Tampa Bay for three games. And it turns out that they have the dubious distinction of having the worst road record in the league. Well, that's no good. It's a good thing that it's a short trip -- they need to work into improvement slowly.

I have created a chart of items that I think they should pack to help them feel more comfortable while traveling. They can't hurt, and they might help. Whatever it takes.

(Yes, I do know that as I'm writing this, they're already well on their way to Florida -- maybe even already there -- and their bags were packed long ago, but I didn't think of this until today at work, and while doing this would have been a lot more fun than the copying and pasting that I was doing at work, I didn't think it would have been a good idea. But whatever...)


Katie said...

We should take note on how they do this road trip and if it's bad, that photo should be sent to them for next month since we're never going to be home *rolls eyes*

Jim H. said...

Would any of these things be considered performance-enhancing devices(PEDs)and thus be banned by MLB? I don't want you to get our boys in trouble.

I miss Garza. Bartlett, not so much.