Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Great Mother's Day!

I took my mom to a Twins game to celebrate Mother's Day (Hi Mom!). Even though the game didn't turn out exactly the way we hoped, it was still a great day.

Friday: Twins 11 - Mariners 0
Saturday: Twins 9 - Mariners 6
Sunday: Twins 3 - Mariners 5
Twins take series 2 - 1

We were both so excited to be at the game together -- we were looking forward to it all week -- there was no way we were going to let anything spoil the day. Not even an awful 8th inning by the bullpen.

During the game, there were a pair of women sitting behind us (I guessed them to be mother and daughter, but if that was true, the "mother" was very young-looking). At first, they seemed to be having a nice time. I didn't really listen in on their conversations, but the bits I did hear made it seem that they were very knowledgeable Twins fans. Well during and after that Awful 8th Inning (I capitalize because that its name), they suddenly turned very bitter and wicked. They went on and on (I won't get into it here -- I can't imagine having that much negativity in my heart). And they weren't being sarcastic and exaggerate-y like a regular fan is when watching the bullpen cough up a lead; they were vile and poisonous and mean. They weren't loud, just intense. The kicker was when they both said, "this just ruined Mother's Day." And they meant it. Seriously? You're going to let one bad inning in a baseball game ruin your Mother's Day? Wow. That's some family dysfunction right there, I tell ya.

So, to shake off all that bad karma, and to prove that I really did have a great day (Hi Mom!), I'll list the Great things and the Bummer things to show what's better. 'k? 'k.

  • Having breakfast with Mom (Thanks Mom!).
  • Getting to the game nice and early to get a decent parking spot.
  • Buying and eating warm cinnamon almonds.
  • Getting to the game nice and early to get a sweet t-shirt.
  • Getting to the game nice and early to visit with my mom (Hi Mom!).
  • Getting to the game nice and early to use my binoculars to watch Joe Crede stretch out that hamstring before the game.
  • Listening to that high-school choir perform the National Anthem (really -- they were good).
  • Using my binoculars to watch Blackie.
  • Watching Justin beat Ichiro to the bag in the 1st.
  • Watching Go-Go go-go on that bunt single in the 2nd.
  • Willing Blackie through trouble in the 4th and watching him successfully get out of it.
  • Listening to that lady sing God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch (again really -- she was very good).
  • Watching Go-Go go-go get that fly to center in the 9th.
  • Cheering and clapping and shouting and crossing our fingers when our boys loaded the bases in the 9th (too bad it didn't turn out the way we were wishing, but it was still fun).
  • Getting to the ladies restroom after the game but before the line got long (hey, sometimes it's the little things in life).
  • Having a nice dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant with my husband and boys (Thanks Guys!).
  • Watching the Awful 8th Inning.
  • Listening to those chicks bitch about the Awful 8th Inning.
  • Smacking my nose really hard with a laundry basket (don't ask).
That's about it. Yup, it looks like I had a resoundingly great Mother's Day. I hope my mom did too (Hi Mom!).


Katie said...

It was a good game...despite the Awful 8th inning. My heart was pounding like crazy during that 9th inning and my fingers were crossed hoping we'd be able to pull off one of those amazing come back wins!

Jim H. said...


That choir was from my little town (so of course they're good)!

We spent part of mother's day watching our son play left field for an amatuer baseball team. He made a nice catch but went 0 for 2 at the plate. His team won anyway, and he came over to the bleachers to wish his mom a happy mother's day, as did several of his teammates. An altogther pleaseant blend of baseball and family.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day!!! Pissy fans are one thing but really negative/serious fans are a whole other.