Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday Trip Report

My son mini-bro and I took a trip to the Dome on Friday. It was a successful trip; here is my report:

I got the tickets for free. Earlier in the week, I received an email out of the blue from a guy who is new to my company and who I hadn't met yet. He said he found out I was a Twins fan (how do people figure this out? I don't know -- it must be the Twins rug, posters, and other memorabilia I have in my cubicle) and he wanted to know if I could take his tickets off his hands. He didn't want any money; he just wanted me to have a good time. He's my new best friend.

We got there early and I received my sweet Justin Morneau fishing lure. Too bad I don't fish enough to know how to use it. Oh well, it'll have to find a home in my baseball shrine. Mini-bro was a little put off because he didn't get one. I told him it was only for people 18 and over, and he snarked, "what do they think I'm going to do...put it in my mouth?" Well, someone picked up the sarcasm gene from his mother.

The seats were great -- down along the first base line, right by the enemy bullpen catcher, 11th row. I was able to keep an eye on Justin's booty most of the evening. The fans around us were great; in fact, they were some of the most creative, but not overly rude, hecklers I've heard in a while. They kept me giggling the whole time.

Of course, everyone was buzzing about Joe Mauer and his triumphant return to the bigs. And, he did not disappoint. Our get-on-base guy decided to announce his presence grandly and homered on the first pitch he swung at. Everyone was both stunned and pleased. Nice work Joey.

But we can't forget Justin. After all, it was his fishing-lure day -- Joey can't hog all the attention. Because he's Canadian, Justin isn't going to complain, he's just going to quietly prove his point and let people draw their own conclusions. And he did, by doing one better and blasting a two-run homer after Joey drew a walk. And that's how you spell M&M. Oh, and most of the other batters had pretty good nights too (Cuddy hit a triple? Seriously?).

K-Slo was shaky, but the bullpen was awesome. And seeing Ponson stink so bad makes me wonder why teams bother giving him a chance.

One final plus: getting out of the parking ramp, and subsequently out of downtown, was easier and faster than usual. Good time all around.

Sorry I don't have any pictures. The camera was elsewhere for the weekend, and I knew my cell phone would take crappy pictures. Too bad I didn't become friends with the gal sitting in front of me. She took some great pictures, particularly ones of Justin's booty. I can't imagine why she would do that.


Daymonster said...

What about the disappointment of the pick the stick fiasco?

k-bro said...

Yeah, that was a fiasco. But the producer later apologized, so no worries.

For those who don't follow me on Twitter, here's a recap. FS North was Twittering on Friday, and asked if any Twitter friends were going to the game. I replied that I was, so they invited me to be part of their "Pick the Stick" game. The producer and I exchanged contact info so she could reach me. But when it was time, she didn't call and we didn't get on. She texted me after that they had to do it earlier than expected, so they just had to grab someone else.


I'm so jealous! You saw a GREAT game! I was watching that game online...much less exciting than actually being there in the ballpark! :)