Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Head Scratcher of the Day

Other than what was required in my childhood phy ed classes, I have never played baseball or softball. My coaching of baseball is limited to keeping the scorebook and hollering the batting order every inning. Everything I taught my son about throwing and catching and hitting a baseball, my husband had to un-teach and re-teach. Everything I've ever learned about baseball, I've learned by watching, and listening, and reading -- not at all by doing.

With that being said, even I wonder about the logic behind a double-steal with two outs, late in the game, when you're up by four runs, your best hitter at the plate, and the game's best closer due up to pitch the next inning.

But, YAY for winning anyway.


peter said...

Yeah, that was a joke. I kinda figured it was Span trying to pad his stats, rather than coming from the manager....at least I hope Gardy wouldn't do anything that dumb.


Michael said...

I don't understand the double steal either at that point especially when it costs Mauer an AB so I'll just echo Peter's comment that I hope Gardy wouldn't do anything that dumb. I also don't understand the way Gardy uses the bullpen and last night was another game that almost got away. Maybe we need to give Rincon another chance?!?

Jim H. said...

Crain for Rincon, straight up?

For The Love... said...

Crain is definitely on my list, but I'd rather have him than Juan Rincon...any day.
I HATE RINCON! I hope some day he goes to the NL so I see him even less.
How about releasing Crain to bring Duensing back up.

k-bro said...

It's the next night now, and I'm about ready to sell the entire bullpen (well, except for Joe Nathan) for beer money.