Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bartender, I'd Like to Buy a Beer For...

Joe Crede

Thanks Joe. After a long night of leading, then trailing, then leading, then trailing, then tied, then trailing, then tied (I think that's how that went), YOU decided, "enough of that noise," and then made some noise to finally put an end to this agonizing game once and for all. Yes, you had some help, with all those guys on base and all, but that (say it with me now) Walk-off Grand Slam in the bottom of the 13th (GAWD!) was decisive, and timely, and beautiful.

Try to get some sleep now. It's an early game tomorrow. Night-night.

[EDIT:] I moseyed on over to the free agent board on my fantasy team, and lo and behold, one Mr. Joe Crede was available. Hmmm. Turns out I need to drop Carlos Guillen (he's on the DL and my DL is full), so I snapped him up. Too bad I didn't think to do that two days ago, but whatev. Don't worry, it's only on a trial basis; if being on my fantasy baseball team proves to give him bad luck, I'll be able to easily drop him and add a different 3B.

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Katie said...

That game was exhausting, but amazing in the end. Nice to see Crede work his magic!