Thursday, May 14, 2009

So, Like, Wow

So what's up with the Twins' bats? No, I mean I love it; I'm just a bit amazed.

Tuesday: Twins 6 - Tigers 2
Wednesday: Twins 14 - Tigers 10 (13)
Thursday: Twins 6 - Tigers 5

Twins earn sweep

I barely recognize this team. Haven't we always been told that this team is built on pitching and "small ball"? So what's with all this hitting and big innings and homers and such? Let me just say that I love it and I want them to keep it up.

I would, however, like to recommend that the pitchers, particularly the bullpen pitchers, pull there heads out of their, the sand. How awesome would that be?

And our hero again today was Joe Crede (who, by the way, must have been running on nothing but intestinal fortitude and Java Monster Mean Bean). No dramatic walk-off grannies today, only a nice, timely two-run single, but he sure seems to like to show off when the bases are loaded. So, I think it would be great if Gardy dared the batters in front of Joe to always get on base for him just to see him show off some more. Do you think that's a good idea?

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Jim H. said...

It was, however, disappointing to see that Mauer's batting average sank from .500 to .455.