Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thanks for Today

Well, that certainly was a turn of fortune now, wasn't it?

Tuesday: Twins 2 - Ugly White Sux 6
Wednesday: Twins 4 - Ugly White Sux 7
Thursday: Twins 20 (!) - White Sox 1

Twins drop series 1 of 3 and avoid going 0 for roadtrip.

I don't want to talk about the first two games of the series, so I'm not going to. I was having a bad week at work, and those losses just made things worse. But things started looking up today -- everything turned out fine -- and today's game was like a celebration. So I'd like to say thanks. Thanks to my colleague who helped me meet my deadlines (yes, plural deadlines -- apparently someone at my company thought it would be a hoot to schedule two major projects to be due in the same week), and thanks to the Twins for turning on the fun. I am way more relaxed this evening than I have been all week.

Today's game was impressive on many levels -- what with all the hitting, and walking, and running around the bases, and homers, and more hitting, and more homers, and all -- but I think the real hero was Nick Blackburn. While all his teammates were causing all kinds of chaos, he quietly and confidently went to work and got opponents out. I just ♥ good pitching, so thanks for being awesome. It's been such a rare thing for a starter to go deep into the game without imploding, it was truly special. But then, knowing that his mound opponents were throwing batting practice probably helped him relax a bit. Hey, whatever it takes. Nick, please do that again -- a lot. Other pitchers, please take a lesson from Nick.

Oh, there's another thing that started out scary, but turned out all right: this morning the White Sox announced that they had agreed to a trade to acquire Jake Peavy, but since he has a no-trade clause, he declined. Thanks for that.


Shelley said...

Brewers series! The only team I like playing during interleague.

Katie said...

It would have been nice if Nick could have been credited with w shut out, but a nice 20 to 1 win is nice! I'm looking forward to the Brewers series in hopes that we can keep up the wins and the fact I'll be there Saturday night!

linda said...

sounds like a lot of people were just plain having a bad week and these losses didn't help. I was so excited when Morneau hit the home run first thing at the Yankee game. See,I've had a grudge ever since a couple years ago when they were whining about him getting MVP instead of Jeter. It's always Jeter Jeter Jeter........

Jim H. said...

Negative spin (a blogger's best friend): The Twins bats went silent in the 8th and 9th! And it's easy to pitch with a big fat lead, so don't be all gaga over Blackie's performance. Will Breslow be the next Garza?

Just kidding. Mostly.

k-bro said...

The Brewers have been really hot lately, but we've always done pretty well against them, so it should be a good series. I hope. It'd better be, because it would be a waste to fizzle out after such a huge game.

And for the record, I will always go gaga over Blackie's pitching performances (when appropriate) for two reasons: he doesn't seem to have the tendency to implode and give up a huge inning like the rest of them do, and, well, I pretty much just go gaga over him. ;-)

Everyone have a great weekend! I'm outta here to the lake (yay!).