Thursday, April 9, 2009

And Then She Wakes Up

She walks down the long hallway, looking for the room where she's supposed to be -- Room 820B. She's never been to this building before; it's weird, it's hallways are really long and the room numbers don't seem to be in any order. She approaches every door hoping that the doorplaque will reveal the correct room, but each time is a disappointment. She keeps walking faster, trying to figure out these odd room numbers 16L, 129AC, 512, PS7... and she keeps hoping the next one will be right. She's beginning to get hot and nervous from walking so far and fast, and she feels the beginning of a lump in her throat forming. No! She can't worry. It'll be ok. She just has to find this room. She must be getting closer, she must, but with each door, she loses hope. She looks upward, as if to say a little prayer. "Please," she mutters under her breath. The hallway is so long, and she is so tired and she just wants to get there; she just wants everything to be alright. She just wants to end the futility. She keeps going, keeps hoping, but she can't shake the feeling that she'll get nowhere.

She sits up in bed and looks around. Was it a dream again?

And that's what it felt like listening to the Twins game today.

Monday: Seattle 6 - Twins 1
Tuesday: Seattle 5 - Twins 6 (a gold-star, dramatic, come-from-behind win)
Wednesday: Seattle 5 - Twins 6
Thursday: Seattle 2 - Twins 0
Split series


On a Serious Note:

If you follow baseball or watch the news, you've probably heard that Angels rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart and two others perished in a hit-and-run auto crash early this morning. He was 22. I was very sad to hear this news; it's tragic when such young and vibrant people lose their lives needlessly.

My condolences to the families and friends of the victims and to the Angels team and its fans.

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