Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's Build Some Walls

Ok, well that pretty much sucked.

Monday: Twins 6 - Blue Jays 8
Tuesday: Twins 3 - Blue Jays 2 (11)
Wednesday: Twins 2 - Blue Jays 12 CRIPES!!!
Thursday: Twins...oh, who the hell cares; we have a smallish score, they have a largish one

We need to do something. Now. IT. MUST. END. NOW.

Back when I was in high-school, I was in a bowling league. And since it was in the olden days, back before those fancy-schmancy electronic, high-tech, 3D animated, does-everything-except-bowl-for-you scoreboards, we had a transparent score sheet that we slapped onto a projector that displayed on the wall for everyone to see and we actually wrote our scores down. And this was beneficial because if we would get to the point when we just couldn't stand sucking anymore, we would simply draw a thick line at the end of a frame. This was called drawing a wall. And the theory was that all the suck would stay behind the wall and everything going forward would be much better. (It didn't really work for me because my suck pretty much has the properties of Velcro® -- story of my life, but I digress.)

So, in that spirit, I propose we draw some walls. First of all, the players will need some so they can see what exactly needs to happen. I've drawn two -- one for the pitchers and one for the batters (we don't want them to get confused).

That should do it. The guys should just keep in mind that everything will be ok because all the suck is behind the wall.

The fans can help too. Get out your pocket schedules, or Metrodome Memories calendars (the ones with the schedule), or whatever it is you use to know when the Twins play, and mark a nice thick line after April 16. Heck, it might even work on a regular calendar. If we all draw walls, the better the chance the suck will be behind us. Let's all do our parts.

Check it out...this is how I fixed up my Metrodome Memories calendar/schedule once I got to work:


Jim H. said...

There are many impressive things in this post. One of them is how you managed to get the little registered trademark (circle R) after Velcro. Those are some mad HTML skills right there!

Count me among the first adherents of the Wall Theory. I am marking my Twins pocket schedule RIGHT NOW.

k-bro said...

Thanks Jim.

Oh yeah! I knowz my way around a character map.