Monday, August 11, 2008

Are You Tired of Reading About This Trip Yet?

Well, this is the last installment.

Friday: Twins 4 - Royals 1
Saturday: Twins 7 - Royals 3

We finished up our trip by meeting a bunch of our friends in Kansas City to see the Twins face the Royals. We all had a BLAST!

That stadium is fantastic, and they've made some upgrades since we were there last. First, there's the ginormous scoreboard. It's beautiful. They also improved the sound system to match the scoreboard. It was all very cool.

The games were pretty fun. I would say Saturday's was more fun than Friday's, but I liked that the Twins won both the games. The Twins fans in the crowd were certainly more rowdy on Saturday than they were on Friday. And there were a TON of Twins fans. But the Royals fans were very gracious and friendly towards us all, so it was great competition.

The stadium also has other fun things like wiener races, singing "Friends in Low Places", and fireworks after Friday games. And the ushers don't seem to mind if there are beach balls floating around. On Saturday, they handed out Larry Gura bobbleheads, and we each got one. I'll have to Google him to learn more about him. There is little honey pot on the pitching mound with him.

The tailgating was great too. Lots of food and lots of fun with our friends. We also found out that Saturday was unofficially "wife-beater shirt" night, so there were a bunch of people wearing their trashy tank tops and mullet wigs. In fact, there was a whole bus load of them partying in the parking lot. What a hoot!


OK, now let's catch up on what I missed while I was gone...

*The Twins dropped two of three to Seattle. Pthpthpthpth. 'Nuf said about that.

*Cuddy broke his foot during his rehab stint in Rochester. Good Grief. Cuddy honey, what is the matter? Stop breaking body parts, would you please? I suppose he's probably out for the rest of the season. I guess that answers the question about what to do with D-Span. Hmmm. Wait a minute. You don't think Denard is behind this, do you?

*While we were driving home on Sunday, we were listening to the Royals radio guys broadcast the game. Boy, do they ever have a love affair with the Twins. They were going on and on about how the Twins have great pitching and do all the little things right. And then the Twins proceeded to prove them wrong.

*Speaking of that dumb game, that's totally my bad. We stopped at Dairy Queen and the Twins were leading 4-2. Apparently, while I was enjoying my medium dipped cone, all hell broke loose with the "doing the little things right" and our otherwise stellar defense coughed up the tying run. The whole thing gave me a stomach ache; I should've ordered a small cone.


Twins 4 - Yankees 0

*Way to go Glen Perkins -- both on the birth of your daughter and on pitching a gem against the Yankees. Good couple of days.

*Adam "Adam" Everett hit a homerun off Ponson? Hahaha. Well, that just what the Twins needed. Nice work. And a good way to make up for that throwing away the game thing Sunday.

*And the Red Sox just knocked off the White Sox, so the Twins are back in first place again. For now.


linda said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Like hearing about other ballparks too.

Tricia said...

Definitely not tired of reading about somebody else's baseball adventures!