Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hey! I'm home now.

Sorry I didn't blog for the last couple of days. We met up with our friends, so I hung with them rather than my computer. So now I'm a bit behind.

On Thursday, we left Chicago and headed to Clinton, IA to catch their single-A team, the Lumberkings. They're an affiliate of the Texas Rangers, and they hosted the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers who are part of the Seattle Mariners organization.

The stadium is pretty nice; it looks like it holds about a thousand or so. However, we pretty much had our choice of seats because there couldn't have been more than 200 people there. We sat in the first row, right above the visiting dugout, which worked out well -- we used the dugout roof as a table for our beers. :-)

Speaking of beer, that was a great deal. It was Thirsty Thursday, so we got 24-oz beers for $3. What a bargain!

They have a pretty good team. I think they've clinched a playoff spot. But, not surprisingly, the players are young and raw; it's not the same as watching a major league game. In fact, all the players were born after I graduated from high school, so they must be really young (because I refuse to admit that I'm old!). Nonetheless, they played well and it was a fun game.

The home team won, but it was kind of sad that not many fans were there. It was a beautiful evening, the beers were cheap, and the baseball was good. I'm glad we were there.

It's late now, and the alarm won't be friendly in the morning. I'll get to the good stuff -- the Royals games -- tomorrow. I'll just say I had a BLAST!!! I love the upgrades they've made to the stadium.

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