Saturday, August 16, 2008

Take That, Carlos Silva

Twins 9 - Seattle 2

Hey Carlos! We've got your homecoming right here! Whaddya think of that?

Actually, when Carlos Silva was a Twin, I didn't really mind him too much. I never really liked him, but I didn't mind him either. He just trotted out for his turn in the rotation, and I didn't really care. Well, I cared if he lost, but otherwise, meh.

Now, I really don't like him at all. It's not because he left and signed with Seattle for an outrageous amount of money. (Hey, if someone were to offer me twice what I'm worth to do something I only do only reasonably well, I'd take them up on it.) And it's not because he's losing, although I'd bet the Seattle fans aren't real happy about it. It's because he's losing AND sniping to his teammates about playing poorly. Not really classy there, pal. I'm guessing all your teammates want to take a look in the mirror before you shoot your mouth off again.


I'm pleased with Liriano's improvement so far since his return. Keep up the good work, honey. Oh, and nice tater Kubes to get the Twins rolling again. I liked it.


A big hat-tip to the Oakland A's for rallying and beating the White Sox. Please keep it up.


Totally not baseball related, but definitely worth passing on...

I stumbled across this blog the other day, and it had me laughing my head off. I literally had a sore gut and tears running down my face when I was reading the archives.

If you've ever ordered a cake that didn't quite come out as you expected, you can relate to this blog. And, not only are the photos hilarious, but the commentaries are deliciously snarky -- both by the blog author and her readers. If you need a giggle, I recommend this.

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