Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Twins 2 - Mariners 4 (11)

Gag! I was so happy that the Twins got Eddie back. I was even happier that he pitched. I was thrilled that he pitched a tidy inning for a hold. Then...

Then Nathan gave up that double, but I was still ok. Then...

Then Punto booted that ball. Ugh! Nicky, keep you eye on the damn ball! The runner was going to third anyways, so you didn't need to be looking over at third base. You needed to field that ball and get the out!

Everyone's going to say that the bullpen blew the game. I don't buy it. The defense blew the game -- AGAIN! Their first two runs were the result of errors. If not for those, the Twins wouldn't have needed to go to Crain in the eleventh; the game would have been over with Nathan in the ninth.

And the offense didn't help much either. They were up there flailing at pitches like they were completely over matched.

Come on guys! You have to play like you actually want to win. Especially now. I didn't see any of that tonight.

And another thing: I'm getting really tired of hearing about how long this road trip is. (Well, to be fair, it's really the reporters complaining about the road trip.) If you think about it, it's only longer than a "normal" road trip by one series. So, as of today, it hasn't been a long road trip yet. Stop playing like you're exhausted; you're not.

Ok, sorry if this was a little harsh. But I'm more than a little crabby about the whole thing.


Tricia said...

Be crabby, we all understand your frustrations. A blog is an excellent place to vent.

S.Rail said...

I agree with Tricia. And don't worry, I think all Twins fans feel the same way...at least I do.

Shelley said...

Hi! Just stumbled upon you on Twitter. I remember you from the Bat-Girl days. Found Sooze not too long ago, as well.

Today I'm crabby (besides the fact that the Twins are now two games back of the Bitchsox) because I have to deal with the MLB.tv people, yet again. Having a MN credit card billing address kinda hinders me watching games in Wisconsin. Stupid blackouts.

k-bro said...

Welcome Shelley and thanks for reading! I'm impressed you remember me.

Twitter is pretty cool.

Hopefully the Twins will end this losing streak soon so we'll all be a lot less crabby. :-)