Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey, Hey!

Go, Cubs, Go! Hey Chicago, what do ya say? The Cubs are going to win today.

That's the song they sing after the Cubs win a game. And Win they did -- 11 - 4! Wrigley Field is everything I expected it to be and more. It was old, and crowded, and magical. And the Chicago Dogs are fabulous.

Our seats were pretty good -- way down the first base line close to the foul pole. But we could see fine. We were lucky the weather was good -- it was hot but cloudy, so not too bad. And the fans sitting around us were really fun. Especially these four guys that must have been to a ton of games together and have been buddies for 30 years. They kind of reminded me of Saturday Night Live's Bears Fans Guys -- only Cubs "experts". They argued about everything, and you just know they always have. They were a real hoot.

The seventh inning stretch was just as advertised. I can't remember who lead it -- a former player who is a multiple all-star (I knew who he was, I just can't remember right now). Everyone sang it as loud as possible. When it was done, our four new friends started arguing about whether that player should go to the Hall of Fame. After about five minutes of that, hubby stirred the pot by saying that we think Bert Blyleven should be in the Hall of Fame. That started another 10 minute debate. Hilarious.

The game itself was great. Mark DeRosa hit a grand slam and Alfonso Soriano hit a three-run homerun. Very fun. When the Astros put in LeTroy Hawkins, our four friends heckled him greatly -- "He's a bum!"

After the game, the walk to the train station the train back to the hotel was so crowded. It seemed to take forever, but once we got on the train, we were happy we didn't have to drive. When we got back to the hotel, we were very tired. It was a blast, but it was exhausting.

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april zz said...

I was at Wrigley on Thursday watching the Cubs play the Cardinals. That song has been in my head ever since and it's driving me crazy :-)