Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello From Chicago!

Tuesday: White Sox 10 - Tigers 8 (14)

I must say I'm impressed with The Cell -- large concourses, comfortable seats, great atmosphere. It's a pretty nice stadium.

It was a nice evening, if not a little hot. But it could have been much worse. The giveaway was a Mark Buehrle growth chart. Let it be known that I despise Mark Buehrle! He's always such a brat, especially towards the Twins, as if he's some great pitcher or something (ok, maybe is a great pitcher, but certainly not as great as he thinks he is). Besides he's ugly and his mother dresses him funny. The last thing I need is a lifesized poster of him; I might use mine as a dartboard.

I was surprised by the number of Tigers fans in the stands. We were surrounded by them, so it was easy to not cheer for the White Sox. They said that it's really hard to get tickets to Commerica, so they just come to Chicago to see their team. In fact, some of the fans we talked to lived on the western side of Michigan, so it's easier for them to drive to Chicago than to Detroit.

The game itself was pretty fun. The score went back and forth most of the game -- Detroit had a big six-run inning, but the Sox tied it up 6 -6 in the eighth. I even blew Nick Swisher a kiss when he came in because they pulled Konerko out for a pinch-runner (just for THOSE Girls).

Unfortunately, j-bro and I both had pretty cruddy stomach-aches and a long train ride back to the hotel in front of us, so we left after the tenth. I know, I know, this goes against everything I stand for, but even baseball takes a backseat when stomach wellness is concerned.

When we returned to our hotel room, we turned on the TV to see Detroit had taken the lead 8 - 6. Then the Sox pushed across a run and had two on when Nick Swisher stepped to the plate. Well apparently, he viewed my departure as some kind of hate he could feed on and blasted a walk-off three-run homer to win the game. On a night the Twins lost, too. Sorry.

Here are some pictures for you.

Laptop batteries are running low. I'll get a post about the Cubbies game up as soon as I can.

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Tricia said...

"He's ugly & his mother dresses him funny." Love that! I hope you're having a great time on your baseball vacation.

Thanks for the update.