Monday, August 25, 2008

Ed-die, Ed-die, Ed-die -- He's Back!

I'm writing this at work, so I have to keep it brief, but I can't contain my excitement.

Twins bring back Guardado to help bullpen. I ♥loved♥ Eddie. I missed Eddie. I am tickled pink that he's back. He always seemed like a great guy to out and have a beer with. And I always loved how he would make me really, really nervous whenever he pitched, but he always managed to get the job done.

Welcome back, Eddie.

More on my excitement later. It'll be interesting to see who gets sent down to make room.

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S.Rail said...

I am so excited that Eddie is back! What an addition the twins needed. And, he even comes with his own nickname, Everyday Eddie! This is good, because some of our bullpen-ees cannot go everyday...*cough -Matty G- cough*