Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shades of Victory

Tuesday: Twins 6 - Yuckees 9 (12)
Wednesday: Twins 4 - Yuckees 2

Too bad "moral victories" don't count. I mean, it was a moral victory Tuesday that the Twins scored three runs off Mussina. It was a moral victory to collect 12 hits off Yankee pitching. It was a moral victory to complete five double plays. It was a moral victory to give Mariano Rivera his first BS (blown save) of the season. It was a moral victory for D.Y. to take that cut fastball the other way and simply muscle it out of the park. Yup, it was a moral victory all the way. All the way to the top of the 12th when Matty Guerrier coughed up three runs. Then it was a straight up defeat.


Real victories are much nicer, aren't they. And today's victory was real fair and square. Kevin Slowey did a very nice job keeping the Yankees off balance and in check. Thank you K-Slo, we needed that. (And thanks to S.Rail for the nickname.) And thank you D.Y. for liking to hit 3-run homers so much that you did it two days in a row.


So j-bro asked me a question I'll pose to the Yankees have a hall of famer at every position? Quick, do you know?

The answer is no. They don't have a third baseman or a left fielder that went in as Yankees. That kind of surprises me.


Next up: Carlos Silva brings his Mariners to the Dome to face Franchise's Twins. Should be a good one.

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