Sunday, August 17, 2008

Way Too Difficult

Saturday: Twins 7 - Mariners 6
Sunday: Twins 11 - Mariners 8

Yikes. I'm glad we swept the Mariners and all, but sheesh, did it have to so gut-wrenching? I guess the lesson here is that the games are pretty exciting when both teams keep trying and no one takes anything for granted.

I can probably take responsibility for Saturday's near-choke. We were invited to our friends' house to go out on the pontoon and hang out. I watched the game before we left, and listened in the car on the way there. The Twins were leading 5 - 0 when we arrived, and hubby said, "they've got this game well in hand." After we said our hellos to everyone, I fixed a plate of appetizers, then promptly spilled barbecue sauce on my white Twins shirt. Ugh. As my friend was helping me clean it up, I joked, "I hope I didn't just jinx the Twins by staining my shirt." When we done getting the stain out, we walked back into the family room and looked at the score. NO! The Mariners had taken the lead. I guess I did jinx them with my BBQ wienie mishap. Fortunately, the Twins hitters decided that a stain on white shirt was not a good enough reason to lose the game, and came back to win in exciting fashion.


Today's game seemed even more difficult than yesterday's. I guess I don't like it when the pitcher makes things so interesting. And it took forever to get through the last three innings. I had a bunch of errands to run (gotta love back-to-school shopping - not!), so I left after the sixth, with the Twins leading 10 - 4, thinking, "well, they have this well in hand." (Third time in the last two weeks I've made that mistake regarding the Mariners. You'd think I'd learn.) So while I was driving about, I was screaming at the radio.

I got to Dick's Sporting Goods in time to watch the ninth inning on their big screen. I was standing there watching the game while mini-bro was trying on football cleats. The sales guys were telling each other "this is why I hate the Twins; they always do this." I asked them why they said that and they told me that the Twins always give up the lead and wind up losing. I asked them if they've seen their record and their standing the division lately. They didn't say anything. Fair weather fans. I have a feeling that even when the Twins win, it isn't good enough for those guys.


Ok, I can't go on any longer without talking about the Olympics. I am officially impressed by Michael Phelps. I watched the relay that won him his eighth gold medal, and I made my kids watch too. And I'm glad I did. The whole thing is very cool.


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S.Rail said...

Twins are too nice. They basically let Seattle feel like they could win, then take it away from them. I was sitting at home watching it in the 8th/9th innings all tense and wanting the game to be done so bad. Close games are nice, but that one was too nerveracking.