Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's All About New England Now

I'm really glad that the New York Giants played with heart and effort and actually tried to win that so-called meaningless game. They owed that much to their fans. But -- and I thought I would never say this about New York sports fans -- I feel bad for those fans. Not because their team lost last night, the Giants are still going to the playoffs and winning wouldn't have changed anything, but because they now have to put up with the New England/Boston fans.

After the Red Sox won the World Series, I knew there would be no living with the New England area. At that time, the Patriots were good, but it was still early. And the Celtics hadn't even started their season at that time -- all they had was Kevin Garnett. Now the Patriots are perfect in the regular season and the Celtics are, what? like 256-3? All this adds up to the sports fans in Boston being absolutely insufferable. Ugh. And if I feel that way, I can't imagine what New York fans are going through.

So, as cool as it was to witness a history-making game last night, I do pity New York for having to put up with their rival's obscene wealth of success. A little pity. For a little while.

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