Friday, December 14, 2007

Jason, Adam, Mark, and Answer

Goodbye Jason

With the release of Jason Tyner, the days of the Twins' glut of players named Jason are over. Two-thirds of the Jason trinity is now gone (thank you for the concept, BatGirl). Never again will the bases be loaded with Jasons (I remember that it happened once in 2006 - it may have happened more often).

I will miss Jason Tyner - I'm glad he finally got his homerun as a Twin. I hope he hooks on somewhere. Becca over at Twins Sisters has a nice tribute for him.

Hello Adam and Mike

We've all heard about Adam Everett by now. And now the Twins have added Mike Lamb. Solid acquisitions, both. I'm looking forward to seeing them play. And I'm thrilled to see stuff happening this off-season.

But the real question is: how does this affect the HGI (Hot Guy Index)?

Pictures from the Star-Tribune website

Hmm. I'm not sure I like where the index is headed. Maybe they'll look better once they put their Twins hats on. And I'm sure they have great personalities.

Trivia Answer

Here's the answer to the Sit & Solve Baseball Trivia question I posted last time:

Distracting the Batter

No, but it used to be before Eddie Stanky of the New York Giants brought undue attention to the play in the early 1950s. Today, the umpire would stop play and warn the violator that if he continued to try to distract the batter, he would be ejected from the game.

The Twins tried a similar tactic on Boggs, when he on a hitting streak in the mid-1980s. Second baseman Phil [sic] Lombardozzi and shortstop Phil [sic] Gagne changed positions just as the pitcher delivered the ball to the plate. Umpire Ed Brinkman stopped play and applied Rule 4.06 [b]. illegal distraction. On the next pitch, Boggs hit a line-drive double.

*Sigh* Yes, yes I know that it's Steve Lombardozzi and Greg Gagne. Apparently in this book, "Phil" is code for "I don't know what this guy's name is and I'm too lazy to look it up so I'll just make it up". How embarrassing - I pick a question at random, and it has the details wrong. Just my luck. I probably won't be doing that again.


Twins Sisters said...

"Great personalities!" LOL Isn't that polite code for ugly? You're right though, everyone looks better in a Twins hat.

Twins Sisters said...

In my opinion the HGI has taken a serious hit with Jason Tyner being released from the team. I'll give these new guys a chance but I will still miss the two Jasons that won't be back next year.
P.S. Thanks for the shout out!