Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Craig Monroe and Baseball Trivia

Well, there's finally some Twins news: Joe Christensen reports that the Twins and Craig Monroe have agreed on a contract. I'm glad -- not necessarily because I think he's going to be a super-star player (although, I do think he'll do alright), but I just think, on a personal level, it would have been crappy for him to think he got traded to the Twins just to be released later. I know, business is business, and he would have been a free agent likely to sign on with someone else, but it just felt kind of - I don't know - mean, I guess.

On another subject, I ran across something kind of cool. I was digging out my Christmas decorations, and I found something I received last year that must have accidentally got stuck into one of the boxes. It's a little book called Sit & Solve Baseball Trivia by Dom Forker & Wayne Stewart, and it's funny because it's shaped like a toilet seat. Supposedly, you're supposed to read it when you're sitting on the john. But anyways, it's full of really cool trivia questions, most of which have to do with the rules of the game. So I thought I'd throw a random question in here and there, and then give the answer the next time I blog. So here we go:


Distracting the Batter

With Wade Boggs of the Red Sox at the plate, the Twins' second baseman positions himself directly behind the second base bag and jumps up and down, waving his arms, in an attempt to distract the Boston third baseman's focus. Is this legal?

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