Saturday, June 7, 2008

Well, That's Interesting...I Guess

Twins 6 - Bleh Sox 10

I guess I don't have too much to say about the game last night. At least I don't have anything original to say about it. I watched until Juanie gave up that homer, then decided that I wasn't in the mood to watch any more. And that rarely happens. So blah. I am a bit bummed that I missed Cuddy's and Alexi's homers, though. Good job guys. You'd think that scoring six runs would win a game....


Last night when I was watching ESPN, I saw this on the bottom scroll: "Ranger P Sidney Ponson designated for assignment because he 'disrespected teammates and coaching staff'...." Seriously? I thought he was doing pretty good for them. He must've been really naughty. The Rangers official site doesn't go into too much detail but it sounds like he's generally being pugnacious. I guess the whole "Sir" thing went to his already very large head.


Another one of our boys is featured in Sports Illustrated Pop-Culture Grid -- this time Brendan Harris. His isn't quite as adorable as Joe Nathan's, but it's still cute.

Q: Please make __________ stop talking.
A: Hillary Clinton

Q: Weirdest thing a fan ever said to you.
A: Can you write a letter of recommendation for me?

Q: Favorite shoes.
A: G Unit sneakers.

Q: Concert you're dying to see this summer?
A: Bon Jovi {k-bro says: Um, Brendan honey, Bon Jovi is cool -- I like them too. In fact, "It's My Life" is my ringtone. So why do you have Warrant's Cherry Pie as your walk up music?}

Q: I never leave home without my. . .
A: Flask [laughs]

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