Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'd Rather Be Coasting Than Rollercoasting

Twins 10 - The Brew Crew 2

Lose by a whole bunch, then win by a whole bunch. Wow. It's stressfull going through such lows and highs.

I've got an idea. Let's just win and forget about the losing part.
The Most Adorable Twin Award goes to:
Kevin Slowey

Not only did he pitch marvelously, but he got two timely base hits too. And with such an ugly swing. And I mean ugly in a cute way -- like bulldog puppies.
Dear Cuddy,

I hope your hand is ok. Perhaps you should start wearing the Sock'Em Boppers I recommended for you a while back when you're batting. Although they may make it a little hard to hold the bat. But you're a smart guy, you'll figure it out.
I really liked this article about Nick Punto and his dad. I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day.

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