Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day at the Dome

Twins 2 – Orioles 3
Orioles take series 2 – 1

What a great day! The only downer was that the Twins lost. But we still had fun.
When we first got to the Plaza, the first thing I noticed was that fabulous aroma of the Cinnamon Roasted Almonds was missing. What?!?!? Where are my Almonds? I must have those wonderful Almonds! It’s tradition. This could very well be the reason the Twins lost – they have a perfect winning percentage when I go to games AND have Almonds. **pout**
We reached our seats in the Homerun Porch, way down in row 9. Very nice. As we were settling in, the pitchers were warming up. When Juan Rincon was finished, he chucked his ball waaaaaay up into the upper deck. Everyone there let it drop, and it bounced down past bunches of people and settled two steps above where I was standing. “Well, lookie here,” I said as I snapped it up. My kids were happy.

Scotty Baker seemed a little shaky, even though he didn’t pitch too badly. He did throw a lot of pitches, and he seemed to take forever. The Twins hitters got a lot of hits, but didn’t drive very many of them in. So it was fun and disappointing at the same time.

Joe Nathan and Dennys Reyes running sprints

Scotty Baker warming up

Delmon Young playing outfield
Dear Alexi,
I sincerely apologize for all the awful, rotten, confidence-bursting things I said to or about you last season. This season, you’re playing like a real major leaguer. Keep it up.
Love, k-bro
(Alexi went 3 for 5 with a run and an RBI)
I see that the Twins drafted a kid named Shooter Hunt. How cool is that? If he makes it to the majors, he’s so totally making my Cool Name Roster.
Nicky’s on the DL again? No! He had a great game today (2 for 3 with a walk and a run). How frustrating for him. Hope you get well soon, honey.
And finally, the “Go to the Ballgame Because You’ll See Something You’ve Never Seen Before” moment of the game: In the eighth inning, Redmond hit a lead-off single. It’s not surprising that they would put in a pinch-runner for him. However, it is surprising who they put in to pinch run – Kevin Slowey. I don’t remember ever seeing a pitcher used as a pinch-runner. And yeah, he did look completely out of his element when he dove back to first on pickoff attempts.

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becca said...

Sound like a great day! Congrats on getting that baseball. I have one, too. At a game 15 (at least!) years ago a ball that was hit in foul territory landed right in the empty seat next to me. I'm keeping it forever.