Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doesn't That Feel Better?

Twins 8 - Cleveland 5

See guys, isn't winning much more fun than losing? When you do things well, good things happen. Let's review:

Starting Pitching: Solid. Way to go Nick. You kept the batters from getting too comfortable at the plate (whatever that means). You got strikeouts and ground balls when you needed them.

Relief Pitching: Very nice, with one little exception. Jesse. you were brilliant getting those strikeouts. However, Dennys, you need to work on not giving up three-run homers (I'll cut you some slack, since it's the first homer you've given up this season).

Offense: Now THAT'S what I've been talking about. When there were men in scoring postion, you actually drove them in. Justin and Cuddy did a very nice job at the plate. Jason's homer was yummy. And Go-Go and Alexi are hot with their cute little hitting streaks -- keep it up.

Baserunning: Again, nicely done. Getting on, getting over, etc. Go-Go and Alexi stealing bases was also adorable.

Defense: Wow. Double-plays are hot. Cuddy making that catch was smokin' hot.

See how easy it is? Now keep it up.
And finally the "I Almost Have That Sinking Feeling Again" moment of the game: So do you think that when Dennys gave up that homer and Cleveland got within one, Nick put his head in his hands and wept softly, thinking that his bad luck was going surface again and he wouldn't get the win?

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S.Rail said...

Gomez and Casilla. They are too cute. They want to do everything the same. Like yesterday. They both singled and stole second base in the same inning. They so similar.